Knowing who will believe in your cause is critical to the mission of a not-for-profit organisation

As websites continue to be one of the most powerful ways to get donors and supporters, you need to make sure your charity or not-for-profit’s website is optimised for this purpose and this starts with choosing the right analytics tool.

Matomo’s powerful range of web analytics and conversion optimization features gives you the key insights you need to turn website traffic into loyal donors and supporters

You will understand what content connects with your potential supporters and just as importantly, what doesn’t connect and what distracts them on their path to donating. Simple fixes can have measurable, effective outcomes to guide decision-making and help you allocate your resources for maximum impact on your fundraising goals.

On top of all this is Matomo’s unique dedication to providing a platform which gives you 100% data ownership. This means you stay in full control knowing that your data and user privacy is protected.

analytics for NGOs

Why charities/not-for-profits choose Matomo:

Conversion optimization

Matomo’s conversion optimization features are there to maximise the impact of your charity’s website on your bottom line by maximising conversions from existing traffic. You do this by discovering and fixing pain points of where visitors may be getting lost and learning what content or page layouts connect with them.

By learning about how well your site is doing in maintaining their attention, you get to be strategic in moving them through to the outcomes you want, be it to donate, sign up to newsletters or read more about your cause.

Form Analytics

Form Analytics

You are more than likely losing a high % of your visitors on the forms that lead to donations and sign-ups.

Thankfully, you can now identify and fix pain points on the forms that are most important to the success of your not-for-profit organisation.

Form Analytics gives you powerful insights into how your visitors interact with your forms. This feature adds many new segments, reports and widgets to your Matomo. This lets you ultimately optimise your forms and maximise your success.

White house

Even Barack Obama relied on conversion optimization ...

Continuous A/B testing throughout his campaign made it easy for the Obama team to navigate the direction of their marketing by altering key factors in emails, landing pages and donation forms to suit their audience. Web analytics helped the team make strategic decisions. The result was an influx of donations, a boost in Obama’s popularity and momentum for his campaign which lead to Obama’s historic re-election.


On-Premise hosting

Options to host your analytics on your own infrastructure is often limited with other tools, but by choosing to host your web analytics with Matomo On-Premise you can do just that and stay in full control of your data.  

Charities handle very sensitive data, such as, donor details and credit card information so hosting On-Premise means no third-parties can have access to that. The On-Premise hosting option is also freely accessible.

This will suit your board’s preferences for keeping costs down and making the most of a free resource. However, premium features are also available if you have a little more budget to take your basic On-Premise account to the next level for a better optimised site.

GDPR Manager
Campaign tracking Manager

Campaign Tracking

How effective is marketing in bringing in new leads for your not-for-profit team?

Campaign Tracking in Matomo Analytics lets you track how efficient various marketing campaigns are in bringing visitors to your website (visits, page views, etc.), how well these visitors convert and how much revenue they generate.

With Campaign Tracking you can track the performance of every single ad you create, every social media post, every link in your edm; which lets you see exactly which messaging and content is resonating with your supporters.

Advanced Ecommerce

Ecommerce isn’t just for online stores! Matomo’s advanced eCommerce feature will give you powerful insights into what channels are driving donations and to what extent; how many of your supporters are leaving your website before donating, and you’ll get a deep understanding of what days were most effective for your fundraising goals and what days were not.

Ecommerce analytics
Custom reporting

Custom Reporting

Open up a whole new world of insights by choosing from over 200 different dimensions and metrics to get the actionable insights you need. Instead of standard predefined reports, you can look into any metrics you find valuable for visitor behaviour; content behaviour; search engine keywords reporting; your custom campaigns; times of day and devices. Get insights you would’ve never been able to identify, otherwise.

For example, knowing that your supporters are inspired to donate at different times helps guide decision-making as you figure out the best timing for marketing and fundraising campaigns and know when is the best time to attract a large number of visitors. Custom reporting is here to help you get the metrics that matter the most to your not-for-profit in a matter of seconds.

Enhanced SEO

If you think about how 91% of people won’t click past the first page of Google search and that the top three positions in Google search get over 60% of all traffic (source: Search Engine Watch), it becomes clear that not being found in searches could be disastrous for charities and not-for-profits where most of the revenue is generated from fundraisers and donations on the website.

With Matomo’s Enhanced SEO features, you get more insights into the performance of your search campaigns with unbiased search engine reporting, keyword ranking positions, integration with multiple search consoles and crawling stats. All this helps you ensure your website is optimised for search.

Enhanced SEO


Matomo easily integrates with 100+ technologies including Content Management Systems, eCommerce Stores, Forums, Frameworks and more. This includes integration with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Microsoft Sharepoint and Moodle.

Matomo's other recommendations​

Visitor Profiles – helps you to understand your potential supporter’s individual behavior by summarising every action and assigning it to their own profile. This can help you customise an experience to inspire action. You can also create user IDs for each profile to keep track of any visitors you feel are greatly contributing to your organisation.

Acquisitions – Acquisition shows you the external sources where your visitor came from before landing on your website. Your visitor could have come from a search engine, a social media channel, an email, from pay-per-click advertising; an external website; or it could be from supporters having heard about you from friends and coming directly to your website.

Segmentation – Drill deeper into the data. For example, say you see in your custom reports that the city Berlin is performing really well but want to dig in and learn why. By creating a segmentation for Berlin you get the chance to focus entirely on that city – figure out how your social profiles are working for Berlin, how heatmaps looks for it, what the conversion funnels looks like etc. Hone in on all the stats relevant to that particular segment and target them more effectively.


Matomo is a treasure trove of information. For those that like to delve into the analytics, this is your tool. On top of the usual analytics, Matomo also includes the option for heat mapping so you can see where your users are looking on individual pages and then use that information to increase sales and conversions. The team at Matomo have also been very helpful in setting up the tool and providing support whenever it was needed.