Understand who your customers are to increase sales and make smarter data-driven decisions.

If your website’s overall purpose is to generate revenue whether it be from an online store, asking for donations or from an online paid membership site; the Ecommerce feature will give you the powerful insights you need to increase sales and revenue.

Learn about Matomo’s Ecommerce feature

Get comprehensive insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviours. When you use Ecommerce analytics, you heavily reduce risk when marketing your products to potential customers because you will understand who to target, what to target them with and where further opportunities exist to have the greatest impact for your business.

Understand your customers for a higher ROI

With Ecommerce analytics you will get a complete picture of the customers who make a purchase on your website.

You’ll understand which channels are converting the best for your business, which cities/countries are most popular, what devices are working and how engaged your visitors are before converting. This is crucial for building your marketing strategy and acquiring new customers.

Be assured nothing gets missed

Track absolutely everything that you sell on your website. By figuring out the patterns of your users’ behaviour from their purchases, you get to figure out what you should be selling to particular audiences.

Relying on the facts from Ecommerce analytics is essential for growing an online business.


Learn from purchasing patterns over time

Understanding how purchasing patterns change over time is very important for benchmarking success and you can do this with every product or service in your store.

This way you can see if your campaigns (SEO, PPC, newsletter, blogging etc.) or optimising efforts (A/B Testing, Funnels) have made an impact with the time and investment you have put in.

Integration with Visitor Profiles

Learn the full behavioural patterns of any individual user who’s purchasing a product or service on your website. See the path that led them to take action, what they did after purchasing, and how visitors engage with your business over time.

There is no better way to evaluate the full customer journey of users who have taken important actions on your website.

Ecommerce Store Integration

Integration with Ecommerce platforms

Do you use a popular Ecommerce platform for your online store like Woocommerce, Magento or Prestashop? Tracking of your Ecommerce data will begin automatically when you install the Matomo plugin from your store platform.

See if Matomo integrates with your Ecommerce platform.

If not, don’t worry, there are other easy ways to begin tracking your Ecommerce data in Matomo.

Benefits of choosing Matomo


You are the owner of the data you collect and nobody else. 

Get full control over your data.


Have demanding data sets? Matomo can handle it.

There are no limitations when using  this feature On-Premise.


Matomo is fully privacy compliant.

With Matomo you remain in control of your data, while still getting deep insights into your websites and apps.

Cost effective

If you are wanting to excel your revenue and sales from your online store, then Matomo’s Ecommerce feature is a given for any business wanting to maximise their ROI.

Learn about your customers and product sales now. Start your 21 day free trial today to use Matomo’s full suite of complete analytics.

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