Privacy Law & Privacy Tech Webinar: Featuring Max Schrems & Matthieu Aubry Now On-demand

Privacy Tech & Privacy Law Webinar:

Featuring Max Schrems & Matthieu Aubry

In this Virtual Roundtable, Matomo Co-founder and CEO, Matthieu Aubry, is joined by Max Schrems, lawyer and Honorary Chairman at noyb, to answer crowdsourced questions submitted by the community.

Questions include:

  1. What was the tipping point that got you interested in privacy? (2:08)
  2. Are you optimistic about the new Privacy Shield for data transfers to the US? (6:06)
  3. Do you see any possibility for any updates to legislation to protect that data? Or would it require something at more of a fundamental level to fix those issues? (11:06)
  4. What does the noyb tech stack look like? (14:27)
  5. The GDPR has helped contribute to wider global data protection standards? How confident are you that this will continue to build as a true global movement that will benefit all consumers? And what would it take to accelerate this to a global action? (16:30)
  6. What is your take on the lack of consistency when it comes to data protection authorities in the different member states enforcing the GDPR? How can this response be improved so that there is less confusion within the market? (21:27)
  7. How can the GDPR balance making the internet better for consumers without simply creating borders? What ways can we keep the internet border-free and secure at the same time? (24:35)
  8. We’ve seen a lot of large companies and big tech companies being fined for GDPR breaches. Why is it that these large companies have been the focus? And at what point do you think smaller companies will be targeted with fines? (27:10)
  9. How can small business with small budgets ensure compliance? (28:47)
  10. How can people stay in the loop with GDPR news and changes? And are there any sources that you would both personally recommend to make it easy to stay up to date with all the changes that are happening? (30:28)

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