Pimcore customer story

Pimcore customer story

For Pimcore, open-source values were a driving factor when it came to choosing the perfect analytics platform for them.

“We used different solutions and there were several reasons for this change – like privacy and GDPR concerns, data ownership and control, extendibility and our open-source heritage. Our software is open-source and we prefer working with solutions which are sharing our ideals,” said Christian Kemptner, Marketing and Partners Manager at Pimcore​.

Few tools on the market provided a complete package. One that would give them 100% data ownership, was open-source, powerful, had no data limits and was completely customisable.

“There’s a lack of availability of data ownership and we couldn’t extend and integrate the existing products we were using according to our need for legal and technical reasons.”

It was essential for Pimcore to find something that could meet their business needs. Getting a solution that gave full customisation capabilities with access to the raw data allowed them to transform the tool into one enhanced to fulfil their every demand.

“We are a vendor of an open-source software for data management and customer experience management. One of our modules helps enterprises to provide personalised user experiences. To do so, our software needs to get to know the user behaviour to feed our personalisation engine with information. We needed a tool, which we can have under full control, can extend to our needs and which gives us access to the raw tracking information data.”

The Pimcore team carried out extensive research to see what options were available but none could compare. There was always one platform meant for them.

“One of our first choices was Matomo since we already knew about it. It was the first we considered because it is open-source and therefore fits perfectly into our mindset. Another important aspect was the extendibility and the fact that we have access to the raw data. In addition to the core product, Heatmaps and Session Recording is also really cool stuff.”

The combination of superior features and shared values meant not only did the team find a tool that suited their every business need, but that no sacrifices were made in the things that mattered, like the team’s guiding principles.

“Matomo and Pimcore share a similar philosophy. Both are based on the doctrine that intellectual property, such as software, should be available to enterprises for free without having to pay any licensing cost. Both give companies full ownership and control of all data they collect and store. We must admit that we are quite proud that Pimcore is currently the only digital experience platform with a Matomo core integration.”