How powerful is Matomo Analytics API?

Make Matomo uniquely yours as you can adjust/extend it to your needs. You’re not stuck with a solution you’ll eventually outgrow so there’s no need to look for another solution. With other tools you might lose all your historical data, but with Matomo you have a future-proofed solution  => this applies to all our APIs. No matter what business use-case you face, or idea you come up with, you can do it all with Matomo.

Power of API

There are four main APIs in Matomo:

  • Reporting API
  • PHP/Plugins API
  • Tracking Web API
  • Database API – Raw Data Access
The APIs let you programmatically request any analytics reports from Matomo, for one or several websites and for any given date and period and in any format (CSV, JSON, XML, etc.). 

Matomo also provides Management APIs to create, update and delete websites, users, user privileges, custom dashboards, email reports, goals, funnels, custom dimensions, alerts, videos, heatmaps, session recordings and custom segments.

Use it to:

  • Automate tasks to save time
  • For example automatically create/delete sites or users when you create a new site in a CMS
  • Fetch any report information to embed and process this data where you need it
  • Integrate your data into other dashboards

Use case: fetching key data from API. You can call the API to fetch KPIs or key reports into your company dashboards or reports (eg. automated using a BI tool or even a spreadsheet). When integrating with a CMS, Matomo reports can be embedded in the CMS dashboard, and in each page some KPIs about the page will be shown (e.g. visits so far; average time spent reading, historical graph, etc.). See eg. WP-Matomo which does this quite nicely using the API.

  • Customise anything in Matomo
  • Build entire new features on top of Matomo 
  • Perform regular tasks automatically
  • Create new widgets that can be embedded into the dashboard
  • Add new Tags, Triggers, and Variables to our Tag Manager
  • Design your own Matomo Theme
  • Offer alternative authentications (imagine “Login with Github” or “Login with Apple ID”)
  • Track anything: any device, system, any programming language, any app, Internet of Things devices (IoT)
  • Enrich your website metrics with server metrics, for example, to see how technical changes on your server affect your website
  • To make this easier, various SDKs are already available that connect to the Tracking API

Benefits of Database API - Raw Data Access

By having raw data access, the sky’s the limit.

When certain needs arise, you’ll find having this access gives you maximum flexibility as you aren’t stuck with a predefined solution that can’t be changed. Raw data access also lets you connect your Matomo to any data warehouse you’re already using. Easily import all of your user and customer data from Matomo into your data warehouse. This is useful when you want to merge this new trove of user data with existing systems (e.g. CRMs, e-commerce, billing, ERP etc.). Or, if you’re using a BI tool you can connect it to Matomo and query your users data in SQL and create reports in the BI system.

The potential here means you’re able to answer almost any questions that may arise. 

  • Get custom insights that are impossible to get with any other tool. Our raw data APIs let you query the database for the insights unique to you that you can’t get from any other website’s built-in reports. 
  • Connect Matomo to your data warehouse / BI tool
  • Build custom applications on top of the Matomo database


By having access to Matomo Analytics API the power rests in your hands. Here’s your chance to use your technical abilities to achieve anything you could possibly dream of in Matomo. 

1) Request any data you want about your users and their interactions (pages, clicks, goals…), from many different mediums (website, mobile apps, custom apps, IoT…). Automate anything and save time.  

2) Customise anything with the PHP/Plugins API.

3) Track anything.

4) Explore endless possibilities by changing Matomo to suit your ever-evolving needs.

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