Matomo Tag Manager provides you the ability to debug your website to test before pushing any changes to live. After enabling the preview, you need to specify the URL to debug and it will open the URL and load a debug console on the entered URL. Example:

If the above debug console doesn’t load for you, please ensure the following conditions are met.

  1. Check if you are debugging the correct site and the URL you have entered contains the Matomo Tag Manager JS code.
  2. Check if the cookies are allowed. Matomo Tag Manager uses cookies to enable debug view.
  3. Check if pop-ups are allowed. When you enter a URL to debug, Matomo will try to open the URL in a new tab and set a cookie. Please ensure that no pop-ups are blocked.

If the debug console still fails to load, please try accessing the site from the URL provided by the debug tool in a private/incognito window. This may help resolve the issue.