Triggers let you define on which event a certain tag should be fired or blocked. For example when a specific element was clicked, or when a visitor reached a certain scroll position. Additionally, you can specify a filter to further restrict if a certain trigger should be triggered or not.

A large choice of different triggers are defined by default within Matomo as shown in the screenshot below. These can also be individually configured:

Let’s take a look at an example. Imagine that you are allowing your visitors to comment on your blog post and you would like to measure the number of comments you are receiving:

Without a TMS you would most likely need to add a tracking code to the source code of your website.
With a TMS, the only thing you need to do is indicate that you will trigger your tag when this form will be sent:

You can then even perform laser triggering by specifying a form in particular:

As you can see, triggers are an easy way to deploy powerful tracking codes with Matomo Analytics.