The Goals reporting section of Matomo is useful for creating reports on demand. However, goals are such an important focus, you will probably want to take a few additional steps to keep on top of your goal conversion rates.

  • Add a Goal Tracking Report widget to your dashboard so it is one of the first things you see every time you log in to Matomo.
  • Set up an email report to track your most important goals on a regular basis. At the very least it is recommended that you check on your core goals at least once per week.
  • Set up custom alerts to track core goals so you get notified if there is a dramatic decrease in their conversion rate. This can help you to identify potential issues, such as a broken sign up form.

A drop in your goal conversion rate is usually a sign that something isn’t going well on your site. Recent changes may have impacted your conversions, something may have broken, or your traffic sources might not be getting the right people in. All of these things can end up costing you money so it is important that you discover potential issues as early as you can.

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