• Compliance Interactions – How many people opt out of advanced marketing cookies?
  • Page Interactions – Are people clicking on your fancy tabbed content? Or that image lightbox?
  • Document Downloads – How many people download your PDF brochures?
  • Ecommerce Interactions – Do people add your products to their cart and never complete their purchase?
  • Form Events – Are there any problems with your forms? Do people start completing them but never actually submit? Although you may want to consider Form Analytics too.
  • Lead Generation – On which pages, are people completing your newsletter opt-in form?
  • Non-Page Links – How many people actually click email and phone links on your site?
  • Screen Interactions – Are people scrolling far enough to see your website footer?
  • Social Media buttons Interactions – How many people find your social media profiles from your site? Are they sharing content from those buttons on your blog posts?

As well as providing a high-level overview of how people interact with your website, Events are also perfect candidates for the configuration of Goal Conversions. For example, if you want visitors to complete a newsletter subscription form on your website:

  • Events can help you track how many people start and submit each form on your site.
  • Goals will report on how many visitors are converting to leads through your newsletter subscription form. They can also be used with the Funnels feature to track the full conversion path.

Together these provide all of the information you need to make informed, data-driven decisions to improve your website and digital user experience.

Where to View Event Tracking in Matomo

Now you know how to benefit from event tracking, let’s look at how you can get started. You can find the Events section within the Behaviour section of your Matomo dashboard once logged in.

When you first visit the Events section of your analytics it is likely you will not find any data. This is because, unlike page views, you need to manually implement the tracking of events, as the types of event and triggers will be different for every site.

Matomo Events