Matomo provides you the tools to track your website performance and goal conversions, and measure your marketing campaigns on multiple channels.

To get started we recommend to:

  1. Create Goals for all important actions you want your users to take to measure conversions on your website.
  2. Use the URL builder to generate links for landing pages for your email links, paid ads landing pages.
  3. Use the Campaigns report to understand how campaigns perform overall, how each campaign generates conversions, and which campaigns help you grow.
  4. Use the multi channel attribution report to understand how each channel contributes to your goals and how they impact conversions, when you get visits from many channels at once (SEO, campaigns, social, other websites…).
  5. Measure the performance of each email you send easily and measure people who click in links in newsletters.
  6. Use the Advertising Conversion Export so you no longer need to put the tracking code for third party ad networks into your site. Your Matomo goal conversion data will be sent back to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising or Yandex Ads.

If you run Google Ads, see how to track Google Ads campaigns with Matomo.