You can easily find your slowest pages by using the Avg. Page Load Time metric. Some of the page performance metrics are quite technical so if you are just looking for a simple way to gauge how long it takes your visitors to access pages on your site then Avg. Page Load Time is the simplest metric to focus on. This includes all time spent waiting, from the moment the user requests a page, until the page has fully completed downloading and processing.

Avg. Page Load Time

To easily identify if any of your pages are running especially slow in comparison with your site as a whole, you can click on the Avg. Page Load Time column header to sort the pages in the report by this metric. Once sorted by largest number first Down Icon, you can see which pages took the longest to load, and whether the result is similar across your whole site or if certain pages stand out.

Page URLs Avg Load Time

Generally, you should aim to keep the Avg. Page Load Time metric below one second where possible and not higher than two seconds. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely it is to negatively impact your conversion rates. If certain pages appear to be taking significantly longer to load, you may want to check if there are large images, videos or other digital assets on the page, as these could be causing the delay. Where possible you should optimise these assets and if they aren’t necessary, remove them to improve performance.

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