If you are using Matomo and don’t remember how to login, please follow the steps below.

How to login using Matomo On-premise:

As you are self-hosting Matomo on your own servers, your Matomo login URL was configured by you. Some users set it up on the same server as their website e.g. https://example.org/matomo, other times it can be https://matomo.example.org.

If you are still unsure what your Matomo login URL is, you can follow either of the steps below:

  • If you’re already tracking your website with Matomo, you can find your Matomo login URL by looking in your website code, locate the Matomo tracking code, and you will find the Matomo login URL within the code for example like this:
    Matomo tracking code
    In your tracking code, {$MATOMO_URL} would be replaced by your Matomo login URL and {$IDSITE} would be replaced by the idsite of the website you are tracking in Matomo.

  • If you can’t find the tracking code, but you know the website is using Matomo already, then follow these steps to login: open the website, then open the Browser Developer Tools, and check the ‘Network’ tab, and search for “Matomo” to locate the Matomo login URL. Once this has been located, you can login.

How to login using Matomo Cloud:

To login to Matomo Analytics Cloud you need your account details which can be found in ‘welcome’ email. It includes your Matomo login URL e.g. https://example.matomo.cloud. Go directly to this URL to login.

If you have misplaced your ‘welcome’ email with your login details, you can email support@matomo.cloud.

How to login using Matomo for WordPress:

Go to your usual WordPress admin login e.g. https://your-website.example.org/wp-admin, then navigate to the Matomo plugin using the menu on the left-hand side to login.