How do I install Matomo for WordPress?

Matomo for WordPress is the easiest way to host Matomo on your own servers which takes less than a minute to install and requires no technical knowledge.

Introducing Matomo for WordPress

If you are already using Matomo On-Premise or a Matomo Cloud account, it’s recommended to install the Connect Matomo plugin (previously known as WP-Matomo) instead of our Matomo for WordPress plugin. Otherwise, you can install the Matomo for WordPress as long as your server meets the requirements. Below, you’ll find three ways to install the Matomo for WordPress plugin:


  • PHP 7.2 or greater
  • MySQL 5.5 or greater is recommended
  • 128MB memory or greater is recommended
  • WordPress 4.8 or greater
  • If you are unsure of your server’s capacity, we suggest limiting Matomo usage to websites with up to 50K page views per month. Alternatively, you can try our Cloud service or On-Premise solution.

Method 1. Install through the WordPress plugins directory (recommended)

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Click Add New Plugin
  4. Search for Matomo Analytics Ethical Stats
  5. Click on Install
  6. Click on Activate

Method 2. Download the plugin and upload the files to your server

Unable to install the plugin using the method outlined above? Simply download the latest ZIP file for our plugin from the WordPress directory.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, unzip its contents and upload them to your server using FTP, SSH, or a similar method. Be sure to place the plugin in the wp-content/plugins/matomo directory.

Method 3. Download the plugin and upload the zip file to WordPress

  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins
  4. Click Add New Plugin
  5. Click Upload Plugin
  6. Select the downloaded zip file
  7. Click on Install Now
  8. Click Activate

If you encounter any issues uploading the plugin, you may need to increase your memory limits.