There may be times where you want to get a report for the top pages that users reached via a specific channel type, for example from a specific website or social network. This can be achieved in Matomo just by creating a Segment and opening the Entry page reports.

Follow the steps below to get the top pages used by visits from a specific channel:

  1. On the Top control bar click “All Visits” (the Segment Editor)
  2. Click on “Add New Segment”
  3. Name the segment as desired
  4. Choose “Referrers” > “Channel Type” by clicking the dropdown or search for “Channel Type”
  5. Enter the desired “Channel Type” in the value field, either: direct, search, website, social or campaign
  6. Click on “Save & Apply”
  7. Click on “Behaviour” > “Entry Pages” on the left menu of your dashboard
  8. You can now see your Top pages in the report, that visitors from your chosen channel have landed on.