The default widgets selection is the combinations of widgets and layout which are used for all new users as their default dashboard. As long as a user hasn’t customised their dashboard already (by adding new widgets, or changing the column layouts, or modifying widget display settings), ​​then they get the default dashboard layout.

This default widgets selection and dashboard columns layout will be also used when any user creates a new dashboard, or when “Reset dashboard” feature is used.​​

How do I update the default dashboard layout?​​

To update the default dashboard ​layout, follow these steps:

  1. Login as a Super User in Matomo
  2. On any of your dashboards, customise​​ the widgets and layout until you are happy with the dashboard layout.
  3. Click on Dashboard selector, then click on “Set as default widgets selection”
  4. Click “Yes” to validate

Congratulations, your dashboard is now the default dashboard for your Matomo users.

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