By default, heatmap snapshots are automatically taken on page load. With the release of plugin version 5.1.0, you can now capture the snapshot manually.

To capture the snapshot you need to follow below steps:

  • Add or Edit the heatmap you want to capture the snapshot manually.
  • Enable “Capture Heatmap Snapshot Manually”.

  • Click “Add/Update”.
  • Copy the command (_paq.push(['HeatmapSessionRecording::captureInitialDom', {idHeatmap}])) mentioned in the helptext for “Capture Heatmap Snapshot Manually” option.
  • Execute this command manually to capture the snapshot, when you feel your page is loaded completely.

Note: By enabling “Capture Heatmap Snapshot Manually” existing snapshot will be deleted and you would need to run the _paq.push(['HeatmapSessionRecording::captureInitialDom', {idHeatmap}]) command in your browsers developer tools console to recapture the snapshot.

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