Matomo (Piwik) provides two reports for your page views: Page Titles and Page URLs. In some rare cases, a visitor’s browser will not let the Matomo Tag request the current URL (generally for privacy reasons). If Matomo could not request the page URL from the browser, Matomo will instead report “page url not defined” for the visits on those pages.

If all your pages report “Page url not defined” then there is a data tracking problem. Here are common reasons for this issue:

  • 1) check that the Javascript code in your pages is correct,
  • 2) if you manually track file downloads using _paq.push(['trackLink', '', 'download']) for example, note that you must use a full valid URL.
  • 3) if you are using Self-hosted Matomo (this issue does not occur on the Matomo Cloud): check that there is no automatic HTTP redirection on the piwik.js and piwik.php requests (for example via an .htaccess). 301 Redirection from http:// to https:// will not decode/encode properly some parameters especially URL parameters that look like a URL. The reason of this issue is still unknown but probably due to a bug in the webserver. Ensuring there is no redirection in your Matomo tracking calls will also ensure better performance. One way to ensure that there is no redirection from http to https is to modify your Matomo JavaScript tracking code and prepend https, here is an example: var u="https://your-piwik-server-url/";
  • 4) If your pages are correctly tracked but you still don’t see any URL being tracked, please investigate/debug the issue with Firebug or ask in the forums posting your site URL so we can help you.
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