If you have a form that is split over several pages, these forms can easily be tracked as the same form in Matomo by defining the same data-matomo-name for the form on each page.

This can be setup as follows, for example:
First Page Form:

<form data-matomo-name="multi_page_form">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_1" name= "field1" type="text">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_2" name= "field2" type="text">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_3" name= "field3" type="text">

Second Page Form:

<form data-matomo-name="multi_page_form">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_4" name= "field4" type="text">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_5" name= "field5" type="text">
    <input data-matomo-name="form_field_6" name= "field6" type="text">
    <input type="submit">

It is important to have unique input field names for each of the fields on all pages in your multi page form.
Please note: If you have a “Submit” button on each page of your multi page form, then each subsequent page after the first will be counted as a form re-submission.

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