When you create or edit a form in Matomo (Piwik), you can specify which of your online forms should be tracked into a Matomo form. You can do this by specifying one or multiple form names and form IDs in Matomo.

To find the “name” or “id” of one of your online forms, open the web page that includes this form. Then right click in the area where your form is displayed and select “Inspect element” from the context menu. Now you will see some HTML markup which defines how your web page is supposed to be displayed.

You now need to find the closest text that looks like this element: <form ***>. It may look like <form name="theFormName"> (where the form name is theFormName) or <form id="theFormID"> (where the form ID is theFormID). Sometimes you also find other attributes like method="" or action="". You can ignore these and instead focus on the value in the quotes for “id” and “name”.