Piwik 1.4 is a major upgrade, bringing a few new features:

  • Experimental IPv6 support,
  • HTML Email & Downloadable Reports (as well as PDF reports),
  • better Campaign Tracking functionality & URL Builder for easy Campaign tracking URL generation
  • and a few bug fixes, including: Email reports now work when you don’t use cron, and more efficient Database purge of outdated reports

It contains many database schema changes so please be careful when running the Update script.
On large Piwik setups, make sure to run the Update Script from the Shell!

After You Update

New & Updated documentation and FAQs

List of 31 tickets closed in this release

  • #2318 Allow Email Reports to be sent in HTML
  • #1111 IPv6 support
  • #2362 Scheduled email reports not sent when cron is not setup
  • #604 New documentation: how to use the campaign feature to track newsletters
  • #1042 Improve campaigns tracking: URL builder, JS API and user documentation
  • #2368 The date ‘today’ is not a correct date range.
  • #2369 DB space usage: Purge temporary archives more often
  • #2356 jQuery 1.8.12 update
  • #2192 Display “Hello, $alias!” instead of “Hello, $login!” in top right screen
  • #2372 Countries and Currencies update
  • #2326 Add getCustomVariable in PHP Client
  • #2336 Metadata API should tell if the data set is fixed size, or not
  • #2320 PDF Report: add Bookmarks for easy access to report,, and update colors to match UI colors
  • #2340 Add admin email to error message for users without rights
  • #2095 AnonymizeIp: introduce new hook for masking the IP at tracker runtime
  • #1775 SitesManager: CIDR notation
  • #2351 Windows: IPv6 inet_pton/inet_ntop not supported until php 5.3
  • #2325 Piwik URL should be auto-detected and cached in DB
  • #2330 PDFReports: cron user unable to delete file
  • #2338 php4: chokes on libs/upgradephp/upgrade.php and core/testMinimumPhpVersion.php
  • #2342 Undefined index: language in …. generalSettings.tpl.php on line 186
  • #2341 php5.3, mysqli, and libmysqlclient: Piwik_Exec( LOAD DATA INFILE ) fails with -1
  • #2346 Conversion rate per Referrer can vary from the sum of conversions of each goal
  • #2360 Updating pdf report with emailMe=0 throws SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ” for column ’email_me’ at row 1
  • #2365 Add long2ip() compatibility function for IPv4-only plugins
  • #2363 VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime: Empty hours are not returned
  • #2348 Add search engine junglekey.com/.fr
  • #2329 piwik.js: allow customize Campaign tracking parameter names
  • #2055 Filtering multiple proxy server IPs
  • #2358 Live! Widget unexpectedly travels from dashboard to visitor log
  • #585 All Plugins should hook on SitesManager.deleteSite and delete the data for the newly deleted website