This is a follow-up release to Piwik 0.4.4 to handle some server environment-specific issues.

Bug fixes

  • #1008 – open_basedir() restrictions would cause is_writable() to fail with a notice; this was used in determining whether the session.save_path was writable when session.save_handler = files
  • #1009 – one-click update might fail with PIWK_USER_PATH not defined
  • Some non-Apache users reporting Piwik displays only a blank page after the update.


  • sendHttpRequest() by sockets: increase buffer size and fflush() output.


  • Updated French translation.

Our thanks to all the Trac and forum users who diligently submitted bug reports and feedback. You help make Piwik more stable and usable for everyone.

We are now working on performance enhancements for Piwik 0.5. Stay tuned!