This is a maintenance release following Piwik 0.9. This release will become Piwik 1.0 if there are no critical bugs found in the next few days!

List of tickets closed in this release

  • #1570 Goals Loading… never stops
  • #1576 VisitsSummary.getSumVisitsLengthPretty – throws notice
  • #1585 SitesManager.updateSite succeeds for unknown idsite
  • #642 Package Piwik for the Windows Web Application Gallery
  • #1627 Typo in string General_AuthenticationMethodSmtp
  • #1630 Common header for .php and .js files
  • #1634 JavaScript errors in internet explorer when clicking on menu
  • #1588 Warning displayed when sending feedback via feedback form
  • #1561 Google Chrome reloads dashboard twice
  • #1589 Submit buttons look ugly in install (and update?)
  • #1616 Mobile Client working fine on iPod
  • #1638 Add test for strtotime() failure … workaround?
  • #1450 Call to a member function on a non-object
  • #1538 PDF: Add a “send now” test button to test the report
  • #1574 PiwikTracker: curl support
  • #1582 Trademark policy
  • #1624 Login referer feature is incompatible with Default report to load

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