Tagline challenge: what’s in a tagline?


Our new website needs a new tagline!

We’ve been going with the words “liberating analytics” for a few years and believe it’s time for a refresh.

Coming up with a new tagline is leading to a few sleepless nights so we’ve decided to reach out to you guys to see if you’re up for a challenge.

We’ve tried a few options but they don’t seem quite right, just yet:

“Complete analytics”
“All-in-one analytics”
“Your analytics”
“Beyond analytics”
“Analytics for humans”

We’ve gone through about 46 so far and none have stuck so we want your ideas. Are you feeling the options above, or can you (surely) come up with one even better?

Leave it in the comments section of our Mastodon, Facebook, Twitter pages, DM or post about it. You can also get in touch through the site! Do whatever is necessary to let us know. Have what it takes to think of a tagline for a global analytics company?

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