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Kia ora from the marketing team!

Marketing team? That’s right! You haven’t heard from us in the past, but we’ve been working in the background to create a better experience for you, our dedicated Matomo community.

Kia ora? Well, that just means “hello” in Maori, we’re based in New Zealand you see.

The Matomo marketing team has some really exciting projects in the works we wanted to share with you, but first, there’s someone I want to introduce:

Meet Joselyn from the Matomo Marketing team

Meet Joselyn, one half of the Matomo marketing team and our Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist. Joselyn has come on board to help us communicate more frequently and effectively as we continue our mission to be the #1 free open source analytics platform in the world. Please take it away, Joselyn!

“Hi everyone! The team here at Matomo have been doing an incredible job passionately driving the cause for user privacy and data ownership and uniting that with a love for digital analytics. It’s exciting being a part of a team unafraid to push on with their hearts on their sleeves and their values at the forefront of everything they do. I hope to bring to light all the fantastic things happening in our world of web analytics as well as across the globe.

Joselyn Khor – Digital Marketing & Comms Specialist

Our online world is fascinating when we think about what we can achieve with analytics, but there’s room to improve. We see newer technologies, but old ways of working which don’t take into account a person’s safety online. So we hope to champion a new future which looks set to be much more meaningful. Ensuring you get the best experience, but also feel protected with the knowledge that we get it. Your data and privacy isn’t for sale.

I also hear you guys, the community, have followed Matomo since the beginning, which is wonderful! I hope you’ll be able to join us as we grow and learn. We’ve got so many thrilling things to share with you. The highs, the lows and everything in between. Cheers!”

Thanks Joselyn! On top of working to engage the community and new users, Joselyn will also be keeping the rest of the Matomo team on our toes getting the inside scoop on what’s happening within the Development and Support teams; as well as giving you behind-the-scenes access to what’s going on here at Matomo. We have a big vision and with so many things happening right now, we want to get you involved as much as possible.

It may sound a bit clichéd but I’m saying it anyway – without your help, Matomo wouldn’t be here today.

Help us choose a logo

So first of all, we want you to say thank you and second we’d be delighted if you could help choose our new logo! As you may already know, we changed our name from Piwik to Matomo at the start of the year. Though it was fun using a cool font (Aileron Heavy btw) as a quick fix for our name change, it was a temporary solution. The Matomo team has been involved in the direction of creating a new logo, but now we’re stumped! We have three different concepts to choose from so please help us out!

Click here to logo poll

A new website for!

Other exciting marketing projects include a new website design (yay!) – to everyone gasping nervously…don’t worry, nothing in what we offer is changing. We are and always will be a freely accessible open source analytics platform, just wanted to quickly clear the air on that one!

We also have some video projects in the works to make the Matomo experience better for everyone and there are even rumours a brand video that tells the Matomo story is on the way ;)

What next? With Joselyn on board and loads of exciting projects happening, it won’t be long until you hear from us again, so keep an eye out for our next update as we reveal the winning Matomo logo.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Github – we promise to be more active than what we have been!

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A powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

No credit card required.

Free forever.