Developers and vendors: Want a Matomo Hoodie? Add a tag to the Matomo Open Source Tag Manager and this could be yours!

The Free Open Source Tag Manager is now available as a public beta on the Matomo Marketplace. Don’t know what a Tag Manager is? Learn more here. In Short: It lets you easily manage all your third party JavaScript and HTML snippets (analytics, ads, social media, remarketing, affiliates, etc) through a single interface.

Over the last few months we have worked on building the core for the Matomo Tag Manager which comes with a great set of features and a large set of pre-configured triggers and variables. However, we currently lack tags.

This is where we need your help! Together we can build a complete and industry leading open source tag manager.

Tag examples include Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, Facebook Buttons, Facebook Pixels, Twitter Universal Website Tags, LinkedIn Insights.

Are you a developer who is familiar with JavaScript and keen on adding a tag? Or are you a vendor? Don’t be shy, we appreciate any tags, even analytics related :) We have documented how to develop a new tag here, which is quite easy and straightforward. You may also need to understand a tiny bit of PHP but you’ll likely be fine even if you don’t (here is an example PHP file and the related JS file).

As we want to ship the Matomo Tag Manager with as many tags as possible out of the box, we appreciate any new tag additions as a pull request on

We will send out “Matomo Contributor” stickers that cannot be purchased anywhere for every contributor who contributes a tag within the next 3 months. As for the top 3 contributors… you’ll receive a Matomo hoodie! Simply send us an email at after your tag has been merged. If needed, a draw will decide who gets the hoodies.

FYI: The Matomo Tag Manager is already prepared to be handled in different contexts and we may possibly generate containers for Android and iOS. If you are keen on building the official Matomo SDKs for any of these mobile platforms, please get in touch.

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