The ultimate solution to knowing how your business is performing overall

Would you like to know how your business is performing overall at a glance? Guess what, you can now do this easily with Roll-Up Reporting.

What is Roll-Up Reporting about?

Roll-Up Reporting is a premium feature which you can acquire through the Matomo (Piwik) Marketplace. Developed by InnoCraft, the professional company behind Matomo, this plugin will:

  1. Save you heaps of time and gives you completely new insights
  2. Make this process easy as pie
  3. Reflect the structure of your business or organization

1 – Roll-Up Reporting does the maths for you

Yes, you read it right. Compared to having to sum reports of multiple websites manually, you can get aggregated results for your business or departments instantly with a single click directly in Matomo. Not only does this save you heaps of time compared to doing this complicated work in a spreadsheet, you also avoid human errors. With this feature, you get a clear overview over all your websites, apps, and shops performances.

For example, if you want to know which referrers bring you the most value across all websites, then you will get the answer in a report. Same results for e-commerce reports, actions, and other metrics.

2 – Easy as pie, no tracking code involved

The best part of this feature is that you do not need to push data through additional tracking code. The setup is simple and made through the UI of the plugin.

3 – Roll-Up Reporting meets even the hardest requirements

You can also create “nested roll-ups”. This feature allows you to create a roll-up consisting of several other roll-ups. With a nested roll-up, you can create a roll-up for each department in your company (and assign all the websites of a department to that roll-up), then group several departments easily into a new roll-up simply by assigning several department roll-ups to this new roll-up.

For example, a company with multiple brands can assign multiple websites to each brand, and then get aggregated results for each brand and for the business overall. As a roll-up is basically the same as a website, you can give users access to a roll-up without having to give them access to each site, and the other way around.

How does it work?

As with all premium features, this plugin is straightforward to use. Once activated in your Matomo administrator panel, you will notice that when you add a website, you have the choice between two possibilities:

When you select the “Roll-Up” option, a new window will appear asking you which websites and mobile apps you would like to aggregate into a roll-up:

The created roll-up will then be shown just like any other website that you have in Matomo. You can create as many roll-up entities as you want.

Features, such as custom alerts, segments, and e-mail reports work for a roll-up just like for any website.

Real-Time reports

One of the most interesting features of Roll-Up Reporting is, that you can view all the Real-Time reports, such as the “Visitors in Real-Time” widget, the “Real-Time Map”, and the “Visitor Log” across several websites making it much easier to keep an eye on your business:

How to get the Roll-up reporting plugin?

Developed by InnoCraft, the makers of Matomo, Roll-Up Reporting is a premium feature which you can purchase on the Matomo Marketplace. You can also try it for free on the Matomo Cloud (formerly Piwik Cloud) for 30 days.

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