Try out the latest Matomo 3.0.0 beta version: Matomo 3.0.0 is almost here!

Dear Matomo (Piwik) community,

We are excited today to announce our publicly available Matomo 3.0.0 beta 3 release. We have been been working hard behind the scenes on the new 3.0.0 release for almost one year now. We, the passionate team at Matomo, are dedicated to bringing you a new and improved Matomo experience and invite you to join our beta channel to switch to Matomo 3 today!

Enable the beta release channel

Ready to enjoy a much faster Matomo experience and the magic of a modern user interface? Follow the instructions here and you can upgrade to Matomo 3.0.0 beta in just one click.

Please note that beta versions have a risk of containing bugs so we don’t recommend to use on a production server. If you find and report a bug in a beta version, we will aim to fix it as quickly as possible.

Premium plugins in Matomo 3

In the Matomo Marketplace you can discover & download plugins to enrich the functionality of your Matomo, as well as themes to change the look and feel of your Matomo user interface. The Marketplace integration was much improved in this new release, most notably: you can now purchase and download Premium plugins within Matomo!

Important changes

The Matomo 3 upgrade comes with some important changes that may require your attention which we detail in this blog post and in the developer changelog.

The full list of more than 150 changes can be found in the Matomo 3 beta changelogs: beta 1, beta 2, beta 3.

What to do next

When you use the Matomo beta channel and if you come across any issues in Matomo such as a bug, feature missing, regression… let us know on our tracker and create a new issue so we can get this sorted.

As we are in the final days of Matomo 3 development, we are looking forward to your feedback and help testing!

Welcome to the future of Matomo,

Happy Analytics!

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