We are extremely proud to announce Piwik 3.0.0-beta1: our first public beta release of the new Piwik 3!

What’s new?

Piwik 3.0.0-beta1 brings many improvements to Piwik, including a full redesign of the application and several major improvements in the core analytics platform and core plugins APIs.

Piwik 3.0.0 is a major step towards making Piwik the most usable and versatile open analytics platform. We have big plans for Piwik for the future and we hope you will continue to support us in our mission, by using Piwik, spreading the word to everyone, maybe donating towards the project, and later by purchasing our services and products (stay tuned for upcoming announcements!).

Also, just to keep you all posted. We, the Piwik creators and core engineers, are no longer related or working with Piwik PRO.

This release could only be possible thanks to our dedication and love for our mission at Piwik, which is “To create, as a community, the leading international open source digital analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data”.

To learn more about Piwik 3 read our recent posts: Piwik 3: New UI design, API changes & release date, and Piwik 3: Important notes and breaking changes.

88 tickets have been closed by 9 contributors!

After You Update

  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support),
  • Report any bug you experience or your feedback about Piwik 3 in our issue tracker,
  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik 3! For example if you write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, talk about Piwik Analytics at conferences, or let your friends and colleagues know what is Piwik, it really helps the project grow. We need your support!
  • To improve Piwik in your language consider contributing to translations,
  • We can help you make the most of Piwik Analytics. Contact us via Piwik Professional support to get started.

Database upgrade

Note: This release contains major database upgrades and upgrading your database will take a long time if you have a lot of data in your database.

Please make sure you read the Update Piwik guide for high traffic instances.

Platform Changes

Piwik is an open analytics platform. In an effort to help Piwik developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last release.

In this 3.0.0 release there are many improvements to the core platform: Breaking API changes, New features, New APIs, New commmands, API deprecations, and a new developer guide.

Read more in Platform Changelog for Developers to see all changes to the platform and APIs.

Note: the Marketplace showcases more than 63 plugins extending Piwik but we think this is just the beginning. Piwik is your universal data analytics platform!

New guides

Read more about migrating a plugin from Piwik 2.X to Piwik 3 in our Migration guide.

Development Services

If you are missing some functionality in Piwik or need a bug fixed, or if you need a new custom feature developed especially for you, you can sponsor the development of it. Fill in this form to get started.

No feature or bug fix were sponsored in this new release, which was the result of the private and dedicated work of the creators and makers of Piwik.

List of 88 tickets closed in Piwik 3.0.0-beta1

  • #10397 Better UI for Piwik 3, more responsive, faster, lots of other fixes [by @tsteur]
  • #3288 Integer overflow: how to track more than 2 billion actions with PiwiK? [by @mattab]
  • #7480 API should not prettify labels when requesting period=week with many periods [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #7822 Provide an API for plugins to display (multiple) reports in a page [by @tsteur]
  • #10380 Piwik 3 requires PHP 5.5.9 [by @tsteur]
  • #6953 Schema changes will take place in Piwik 3.0.0 (for tables log_visit, log_link_visit_action, log_action)
  • #8449 Support for secondary column support and faster datatable sort [by @tsteur]
  • #10548 On very high traffic Piwik servers, prevent integer overflow by making auto_increment fields BIGINT UNSIGNED [by @mattab]
  • #4620 Drop IE8 support in the user interface[by @tsteur]
  • #10446 Change font to System Default for better performance and consistency [by @tsteur]
  • #10589 Updated Piwik 3 icons [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #6421 websites management page shouldn’t reload entire page when site added [by @tsteur]
  • #8458 Apply default filter_limit to all API calls [by @tsteur]
  • #6834 Numeric value out of range: 1264 Out of range value for column ‘visit_total_actions’ at row 1 In query
  • #6741 Add a command to generate a UI test for plugins [by @tsteur]
  • #9431 menubar cleanup @ 320px ~ 360px screens [by @tsteur]
  • #10028 Improved plugins update API and how plugins define and reuse schema migrations [by @tsteur]
  • #8156 Drop support for PHP 5.4, require PHP 5.5 [by @mattab]
  • #9100 Half of the dashboard manager dropdown is cut off now due to it’s placement in top controls [by @tsteur]
  • #4570 Add support for “issues” link to plugin.json and display in Marketplace / Core
  • #9231 Make all log_* tables fields NULLable to prevent errors “Field ‘X’ doesn’t have a default value” [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #10057 Adds possibility to define a goal description [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #10098 Improve plugins settings structure [by @tsteur]
  • #10353 New widget “System summary” [by @tsteur]
  • #10354 New widget “System check” [by @tsteur]
  • #10355 New widget “new plugins” / Marketplace [by @tsteur]
  • #10356 Introduce a new “admin” home page [by @tsteur]
  • #10385 Add icon for pinned tabs in Safari [by @vekunz, @tsteur]
  • #10404 Extract the first IP from HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and HTTP_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST when there is more than one IP [by @mattab]
  • #10499 Track a unique id for each pageview [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #10523 Let Plugins on the Marketplace offer new geo location providers to complement existing GeoIP provider [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #10542 Activating a plugin should fail when the plugin has missing dependencies [by @mattab]
  • #7834 Work always on one idSite in API.getReportMetadata
  • #7861 Change Widgets API for plugins [by @tsteur]
  • #8446 A Row implementation that is based on ArrayObject which is faster [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #10567 Improve performance of Visitor Log by tweaking the MySQL query [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #8039 Create a page that lists all available tracker SDKs for “universal” properties
  • #10179 JS Tracker: Configtrackerpause should not be set to 0 if a callback is used. [by @er314, @tsteur]
  • #10641 On mobile, in website selector, display the arrow to the right [by @mattab]
  • #9354 New menu structure for Personal => Manage menu items [by @tsteur]
  • #7401 when sorting results, make the default secondary column sort ‘nb_visits’ [by @tsteur]
  • #8180 Remove the core:plugin console command [by @tsteur]
  • #7880 Make WidgetsList methods non static
  • #8012 Remove magic quote hacks before 3.0 is released [by @tsteur]
  • #8143 Use Phantomjs 2.0 for UI screenshot tests [by @tsteur]
  • #8422 Controller.Module.Action Event is case-sensitive [by @Zeichen32, @sgiehl]
  • #8460 Improve date & time formats [by @sgiehl]
  • #8503 Remove deprecated events [by @tsteur]
  • #8587 Update to PHP-DI 5.0 stable [by @mnapoli, @halfdan]
  • #8590 Use AngularJS 1.4 instead of AngularJS 1.2 [by @tsteur]
  • #8819 Make controller actions case-sensitive [by @Zeichen32, @tsteur]
  • #4923 Latitude and Longitude should use DECIMAL datatype instead of FLOAT [by @mattab]
  • #8319 Can’t load the same page again anymore [by @tsteur]
  • #8462 Hash in Piwik frontend URLs should include ? instead of just / [by @tsteur]
  • #8855 Summary in Visitor Profile does not show details of non-pageviews actions [by @sgiehl]
  • #9053 visitor log can show visits from the week before before [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #9564 DB field piwik_log_visit.location_provider too small [by @tsteur]
  • #9565 DB field piwik_log_visit.visit_total_actions too small [by @tsteur]
  • #9913 DB field name Screen resolution is too small: width and height should not be limited to 9999 pixels [by @tsteur]
  • #10173 Less compiler changes css value of calc [by @tsteur]
  • #10289 Tracked resolution of Mac Retina displays is wrong
  • #10308 alignment broken in movers and shakers widget [by @tsteur]
  • #10434 Custom Variable values does not allow Page Size change
  • #10456 Make the updates generated by generate:update command work [by @tsteur]
  • #10532 Ensure git commands are run in the appropriate directory to prevent “fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /srv)” [by @bkbeckman, @mattab]
  • #10579 Delete third party UID cookie only when it was found in the cookie jar [by @mattab]
  • #8211 PhpStorm code style: switch to PSR-2 [by @mattab]
  • #7972 Detect monitor.us as a bot
  • #9105 On the Marketplace show the newest plugins first
  • #9434 Exclude unneeded files/folders from git packages [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #10148 Source code: fix some typos [by @stweil, @sgiehl]
  • #10235 Do not limit max password length
  • #10295 Deprecated getMock() methods used in tests [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #10455 Remove deprecated events [by @tsteur]
  • #10468 Introduce new events Updater.componentUpdated, PluginManager.pluginInstalled, PluginManager.pluginUninstalled [by @sgiehl]
  • #10528 Renamed plugin ExampleRssWidget -> RssWidget [by @mattab]
  • #10342 Wrong IP extracted from HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR when there is more than one [by @mattab]
  • #10669 Diagnostics: disable warning about File integrity when Piwik is in development mode [by @mattab]
  • #9735 List our Goals for Piwik 3.0.0 in the Roadmap and in a blog post
  • #10599 Remove the “Segment editor was crowdfunded” link on hover, to keep things simpler [by @mattab]
  • #9806 Summary of how to manage Piwik 2 and 3 + Plugins for Piwik 2 and 3
  • #10274 deprecate ci-status project and ci-status.com website
  • #10341 For each Pull request in 3.0.0 milestone, decide whether to work on them/merge or not
  • #8836 Release Piwik 3.0.0-b1
  • #10454 Piwik 3 Blog post about some important changes [by @tsteur]
  • #10196 Review / merge or close pull requests against the 3.0 branch
  • #10655 Clarify that we are in enforced LTS mode and will only merge code in 3.x [by @mattab, @tsteur]
  • #10690 [automatic translation update] Updated 1111 strings in 50 languages (it, sq, tr, ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, es, et, fi, fr, hi, ja, nb, nl, pl, pt-br, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, ta, uk, vi, zh-cn, bs, fa, he, hu, id, ko, pt, ro, th, tl, zh-tw, lt, be, is, ka, am, eu, gl, nn, lv, te) [by @sgiehl]
  • piwik/component-cache
  • #13 Use our own, faster arrayCache, compat for Piwik 3 [by @tsteur]

We are together creating the best open analytics platform in the world. You can help make Piwik even more awesome by getting involved in Piwik!