New Matomo Mobile 2.3.0 is released

New Matomo Mobile 2.3.0 update is now available for Android 7+ and iOS10+ devices. Read below to learn more, including a special message to Android users.

What’s new in Matomo Mobile?

This new version brings some bug fixes and improvements to our Android and iOS apps:

  • Custom Dimension reports are now shown within the app
  • Segments are now applied in sub-reports #5353
  • User ID is now displayed in visitor profile #5341
  • URL submitted on login are now trimmed #5338
  • iOS: a 64 bit version of the app #5328
  • Android: Remove possibility to disable SSL validation #5354 (read more below)
  • We have updated the underlying framework bringing some performance and compatibility improvements

Attention to Android users: read more

We have removed the possibility to disable SSL validation in this update due to a Google Play restriction. We know there are some users depending on this feature and we recommend to not update if you cannot make the SSL certificate valid for your Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) domain.

Download the Apps

Update now or install either the iOS version or the Android version. Because of the SSL validation change we have made the Android update only available to Android 7+ devices. If you are an Android 6+ user and still want to get the update, you can download Matomo 2.3.0 for Android 6+ from our website.

If you experience any issues with this version please let us know.


The new Matomo Mobile release has been sponsored by InnoCraft, the creators of Matomo.

Happy analytics on the go,

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