Long Term Support in Matomo – The analytics platform for your mission critical projects

We are proud to announce our Long Term Support (LTS) for Matomo!

Note: last updated in Dec 2020.

Why Long Term Support (LTS)?

Part of our mission is to ready Matomo (Piwik) for the enterprise — and ready the enterprise for Matomo. Our fast release cycle and our ability to quickly innovate has served us well for the past 11+ years and has lead Matomo to being one of the most popular open source projects, used by over one million websites worldwide. But Matomo’s success today has also shown us that this fast release cycle is not suited for all users and customers. Like most large open source projects (such as Ubuntu, Firefox, Debian, Symfony, Node.js, etc.) at Matomo we now also offer a Long Term Support release which gives users the confidence that Matomo can be used for mission critical projects for months to come.

Matomo 3 LTS expires December 1st 2021.

What does LTS mean for Matomo?

For the duration of the LTS period, a major release will continue to receive the following fixes:

  • Critical bugs causing data loss or data corruption.
  • Major and Critical security issues.

Our goal is to offer you a Matomo LTS release that you can trust for all your mission critical projects.

How long will a major version be supported?

Any major version will be supported for at least 12 months after the initial release of the next major release. For example, if in November 2020 Matomo 4.0 was released, then Matomo 3.X will be supported at least up to November 2021.

How do I benefit from the LTS version?

To get the full benefits of Matomo LTS, simply Configure Matomo to use the LTS release channel and then update to the latest LTS version.

How do I configure Matomo to use the LTS version?

By default, Matomo will not use the LTS version. When you use the one-click update your Matomo instance will be updated to the very latest release. For example when Matomo 4.0.0 is released, the one click update will update your instance to 4.0.0. It is however possible to configure your Matomo so that you will stay on Matomo 3.X and keep using the LTS Long Term Support version:

  • Login Matomo as the Super User,
  • Go to Settings > General > Update settings,
  • Under “Release channel” click for example “Latest stable 2.X Long Term Support version”, and click “Save”.

How do I get professional Matomo Support?

If you need professional support for your Matomo service get in touch with the Matomo experts.

For other questions, feedback or discussion, feel free to join our forums.

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