Analytics for the Internet of Things: collecting all your things’ data with Matomo to stay in control?

At Matomo (Piwik) our mission is to create the leading free and open source analytics platform, and supporting global organisations and communities to keep full control over their data.

Our broad mission started 8 years ago and we focused at first helping people to liberate their website analytics data, then liberate their mobile app analytics data. But it is clear that there is much more than Web + Mobile: data is everywhere and a lot more data is being generated by software, people and their activities, robots, sensors…

I’d like to share an interesting article which highlights one of the growing trends of technology: the rise of the Internet Of Things: 6 Ways Analytics And The Internet Of Things Will Transform Business.

Here is an extract:

The tech industry is no stranger to change, but the data derived from the IoT is taking disruption to a new level.

At IBM’s Insight conference last month, Bob Picciano, senior vice president of IBM Analytics, talked about the rise of the “cognitive business”, or an enterprise that engages with analytics to improve its customer relations, business processes, and decision-making capabilities.

There are dueling predictions over how ubiquitous the Internet of Things will be, but most indicate that the marketplace will host between 50 and 75 billion connected objects by 2020, signaling novel challenges for hardware manufacturing and development. Software engineers, likewise, may need to completely revamp programs to better exploit the influx of data, while innovators need to wrestle with the changes wrought by analytics.

IBM’s Insight event unfolded in light of this wave of disruption. The lineup of corporate presenters converged on the same message: Analytics is for everyone, and your viability in the marketplace depends on it.


IBM’s Insight 2015 conference sounded off on the most important trends in data usage and management. It also served a wake-up call for developers, engineers, and tech leaders. As the Internet of Things alters the landscape of analytics, hardware design needs to change, software development requires novel approaches, and tech management must become more agile in order to realize data’s greatest benefits.

So far there are 1 million websites using Matomo… but what if there could be 10 or 50 million things (sensors, devices) being measured by Matomo?

Together we will be creating the best open source and generic analytics platform, that is engineered to last, and designed to help humanity keep control and gain Freedom.

We aim for Matomo to be the ideal platform to measure the Internet Of Things.

We’re still at the beginning of this journey and it will take the best of all of us to get there.

See you on the way!

PS: if you’d like to get involved with Matomo, we would be glad to welcome you!

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