End of Matomo Mobile 1 – Focus is on Matomo Mobile 2

More than four years after its initial release, we will remove Matomo Mobile 1 from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in one week. During that time the app was downloaded more than 60.000 times with an average rating of 4.6 and over 2000 ratings. Thank you to our community of users for all of this!

Why we must focus on Matomo Mobile 2

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to maintain Matomo Mobile 1 to be compatible with the latest iOS and Android updates (namely iOS 8 and Android L). The last update of Matomo Mobile 1 was over one year ago and the underlying framework, which we are using to develop the app, is nearly two years old. Making the code compatible with the current version of the underlying framework to support the latest platform versions would take us many weeks. As a little background: From the beginning Matomo Mobile 1 has been a free app and was developed by a single person Thomas in his spare time who is now focussing on Matomo Mobile 2.

Can I still get it?

We are announcing this today so you get a chance to install the app via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store while it is still available.

If you are one of the 87% of our Matomo Mobile 1 users who are already using Android 4+ or iOS 7+ then you can install Matomo Mobile 2 (make sure you upgrade your Matomo (Piwik) platform to 1.12 or 2.x recommended).

What happens after the app is removed?

If you have already installed the app it won’t be removed from your device and you will still be able to use it. Android users can still download Matomo Mobile 1 but we cannot guarantee it will work on all devices. Lastly the code our free software is available on GitHub and you can build it from the source if you have to.

The future of Matomo Mobile

Matomo Mobile version 2.1 is currently in beta testing phase. This new version includes several useful new features such as support for Segmentation. If you use Android, give it a try!

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