Matomo 2.1 — Massive Performance and Reliability Improvements


We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of Matomo (Piwik) v2.1.0!

Matomo 2.1 is the first release after our 2.0 release and it reflects the new direction Matomo is moving in: better performance, more reliability and a better overall open platform! We also released more plugins on the marketplace as well as helped developers build exciting new plugins for Matomo.

This 2.1.0 release contains several performance and reliability improvements to the archiving process and to the new device detection process introduced in Matomo 2.0. It also includes a new email report format (CSV), a new marketplace plugin and overall more than 80 improvements (source).

Massive Performance Improvements to Archiving

The biggest improvement this release brings to Matomo are the various performance improvements made to the Archiving Process. These improvements include the following:

  • The amount of memory used has been reduced in some cases by 80% or more! What used to require 8GB of memory will now only require 1GB. Matomo engineers analysed Profiler XHProf reports of Matomo under high load and implemented several improvements to archiving.
  • The cron script you can setup to automatically process your reports will now create new processes to perform asynchronous archiving instead issuing CURL http requests. This change results in increases to the performance and reliability of the Archiving Process.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements to Device Detection

In Matomo 1.12 we introduced a new device detection feature that could detect much more information than what we used before. Matomo 2.1 includes several bug fixes and improvements to this feature (such as detecting dozens of new devices, brands and models for smartphones, tablets and other devices). To use this feature, go to “Settings” then “Plugins” then activate the DevicesDetection plugin.

New Default MySQL Database Type (InnoDB)

This change doesn’t affect our existing Matomo users, but it does reflect our commitment to performance and reliability. We’ve changed the default MySQL database type to be InnoDB instead of Myisam. This will allow new users to immediately gain the benefits in reliability offered by InnoDB.

New Marketplace Plugin – HTTP Authentication

We’re releasing a new plugin on the marketplace that will allow you to use the HTTP authentication services provided by your webserver. Learn more about this plugin on the marketplace.

New Email Format for Scheduled Reports

The last big change in this release is a new email report format. You can now get your email reports as CSV files as well as HTML and PDF reports.

Other Improvements

In addition to performance improvements and new plugins, this release contains a few other smaller improvements described below.

Changing segments in the Embedded Dashboard

The embedded dashboard is the powerful feature that lets you include the Matomo Dashboard without the top menu and Matomo branding, directly within your application!

This dashboard will now include the segment selector allowing you to change the current segment and create new segments, just as you would in the normal dashboard view:

Embedded Dashboard

Multiple Super Users

It’s now possible for your Matomo to have more than one Super User and for Super Users to have aliases:

Super User Access

Learn more in the User guide: Managing Super Users in Matomo.

Smart App Banners for our Mobile Apps

Finally, in accord with our commitment to providing great User Experience, we’ve added a smart banner to Matomo so users that view Matomo from a mobile device will be informed of our amazing (and free!) mobile apps (for both iOS and Android).

Participate in Matomo

Are you a talented developer or an experienced User Interface designer? If you have some free time and if you want to contribute to one of the most awesome open source projects around, please get in touch with the Matomo team, or read this page to learn more?


For the full list of changes in Matomo 2.1 check out the Changelog.

Thank you to the core developers, all the beta testers and users, our official supporters, the translators & everyone who reported bugs or feature requests. Also thank you to the software we use, and the libraries we use.

If you like what you read, please tell your friends and colleagues or write on your website, blog, forums, stackoverflow, etc.


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