Matomo 1.2: Custom Variables, First party cookies, and more

Matomo (Piwik) 1.2 is now available – check out the full list of new features below. Thanks to the support of our sponsors and the work of Matomo team and consultants, we are able to deliver great new features in Matomo!

1) First Party Cookies

Matomo now uses First party cookies which ensures that we now report with a greater data accuracy (1st party cookies are rarely deleted compared to third party cookies).

This is also one more step towards excellence in the domain of User Privacy & Anonymity. Matomo was the first Web Analytics software to offer server side IP Anonymization. You can also access the IFrame widget to opt-out for your visitors, ideal for your “Privacy” page on your site.

2) Custom Variables

You can now track up to 5 custom variables per Visit in Matomo! This is an extremely powerful new feature that allows you to track any custom data about your visits, and view reports about how many visits each segment gets,  as well as compare their conversion rate.

3) Segmentation in API

The Matomo API now supports real time segmentation! You can therefore request all existing Matomo reports for any segment of your visitors, for example: “Country is Germany AND Browser is Firefox”.

The API is really easy to use, and follows Google Analytics parameter format to help with migration.

The feature is only accessibly via the API at the moment, but we hope to include it in the UI very soon!

Learn all about it in the Analytics Segments doc.

4) Performance improvements for large Matomo setups

We made significant improvement around memory usage for high traffic Matomo instances, which will help some users who were previously hitting the PHP memory limit when archiving Matomo reports. We are also working on longer term solutions and alternative scalable data stores.

5) New API methods

There are now helper methods to request reports for a given URL, or a given Page Title or Download URL. Check out the new API functions: Actions.getPageUrl (pageUrl, idSite, period, date, segment = ”) but also Actions.getPageTitle, Actions.getDownload and Actions.getOutlink. Read more in the API page.

And more…

See the changelog for the list of 87 tickets closed for Matomo 1.2

We hope you enjoy the new release, please report any feedback, error or suggestion in the Forums.

Happy analytics!

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