We are proud to announce a new version of Matomo Mobile!

Here is the list of changes and issues closed in this Matomo Mobile release 1.2

Android & iOS

  • Performance improvements
  • simplified “choose date and period”
  • UI changes
    • use full display width
    • new icons
    • partially usage of larger font size
    • some more changes and fixes
  • Fix keyboard displayed and not removed while trying to save an account
  • Added language Indonesian


  • Added more menu options (for example close chart)
  • Password and user field possibly not visible when keyboard is opened in add/edit account
  • Preselect current value in option dialogs


  • Swipe to right to return to previous screen
  • Icons for retina display


Stefan Giehl

Stefan is a talented Software Engineer from Germany who has been a major contributor to Piwik since 2010. Stefan is the lead developer Device Detector: a key component of the Piwik platform. Stefan also helps improve our QA and he keeps the translations files in Piwik up to date! You can often find him in the German forums.

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