Meet the Matomo Team

Matomo (Piwik) is an open source collaborative effort with many people participating in the project to make Matomo what it is today.

We recently added a Matomo Team page that includes additional information on others that have contributed their invaluable skills to the project. Volunteers that presently make up the core development team are as follows:

Matthieu Aubry – Lead developer
Occupation: Software Engineer
Location: France
Anthon Pang – Developer
Occupation: Real estate broker and IT consultant
Location: Greater Toronto Area, Canada
Favourite Quote: “Make it right”
Johan Mathé – Infrastructure
Occupation: Site Reliability Engineer – Google
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Noah Firth – Translations Coordinator
Occupation: Network Security Engineer
Location: Texas, United States
Favourite Quote: “Failure is not an option.” by Gene Kranz.
Robert Schilt – Marketing & Community
Occupation: Jack of all Trades
Location: Papua New Guinea
Favourite Quote: “Expect the Unexpected”
Peter Boehlke – Developer
Occupation: Software Engineer + Database architect
Location: Munich, Germany
Favourite Quote: “The problem appears between keyboard and chair”

You can also be part of the Matomo project! We need help to build the best open source web analytics software, and there are many ways to help whether you are a Matomo user, a developer, a marketing fan, a blogger, or if your native language is not English and you want to translate the software. Check out the How to Participate? page.

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