Matomo is Sourceforge Project of the Month!

We are extremely excited to reveal that Matomo has been selected as Sourceforge Project of the month!

After only one year and a half, Matomo (Piwik) has reached significant milestones: 150,000 downloads, 29 translations, thousands of active users and community members, and a growing developer community.

Many thanks to the Matomo (Piwik) users, developers, testers, translators… together we are building the best open source web analytics framework, and getting close to a 1.0 release (planned for early 2010!).

For more information, check out the Sourceforge interview for answers to these questions

  • Why and how did you get started?
  • Who is the software’s intended audience?
  • What are a couple of notable examples of how people are using your software?
  • What are the system requirements for your software, and what do people need to know about getting it set up and running?
  • What gave you an indication that your project was becoming successful?
  • What has been your biggest surprise?
  • What has been your biggest challenge?
  • Why do you think your project has been so well received?
  • What advice would you give to a project that’s just starting out?
  • Where do you see your project going?
  • What’s on your project wish list?
  • How do you coordinate the project?
  • What are you most proud of?

Or check out the screenshot of the interview below:

Note: this entry was published 2 months after the Project of the month award – we were busy coding during the summer

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