Integrate Matomo with TYPO3

TYPO3 is a popular CMS, “offering full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules”. It is quite a heavyweight CMS with a huge user and developer base.

There are 2 Plugins with different sets of functionality available for TYPO3

1) EXT: piwikintegration

What does the piwikintegration typo3 extension do?

  • Install completly automated after TYPO3 Plugins installation
  • Autosetup userrights in Backend
  • Auto create sites in Matomo (Piwik) if configured in TYPO3
  • Add Matomo widgets to TYPO3 frontend
  • Add the TYPOScript to automatically configure EXT:piwik to add the trackingcode
  • currently only SVN version works with Matomo 1.8.4

For more information, please take a look at

Example integration of Matomo in Typo3 – Screenshots show an early state of the extension, it’s now more seemless  integrted in TYPO3

2) EXT:piwik

What does the piwik typo3 extension do?

  • The extension is configured with TypoScript and will generate the Matomo code automatically.
  • You can easily maintain multiple sites with TYPOScript

For more information, please take a look at

3) Other plugins

Additionally there are some other Matomo related Plugins available in the TYPO3 Extension repository.

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