German Video tutorial “How to install Matomo?”

Ralph, german user of Matomo (Piwik), has written a nice and detailed installation tutorial for Matomo. Matomo installation process is easy and straightforward for most people. However when you have not installed a php software software, an illustrated tutorial is very useful! Thanks Ralph.

Also check out Ralph 5min video review in German of the Matomo features:

If you’ve never heard someone speaking German, then give his video a try, I think it’s fun!
He is going through all Matomo features: user interface, all the metrics Matomo offers (pages statistics, top keywords, visit by time, search engines, country, your brower’s plugins, etc.). He is also quickly reviewing Matomo admin: adding a new site, getting the javascript code to add before the /body, the API methods.

Thanks Ralph.
Let’s see if more international users will come up with other nice resources!

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