Matomo is ready to be translated! We need your help

Matomo (Piwik) is an international open source project, we are happy to announce that you will soon use Matomo in your native language!

Thanks to the work of Maciej Zawadziński, Matomo is now ready to be translated.

Do you use Matomo and your mother tongue is not english?

You can help us translate Matomo in your own language. Send us an email at and tell us which language you would like to translate Matomo in.

Do you want to be part of the Matomo team as “Translation coordinator”?

We are looking for someone who would coordinate the translation efforts. You would have to talk to the translators, make sure their translations are up to date whenever possible, help new translators. When several people speaking the same language want to help us with translations, you would ask them to review the existing translation.

It’s a great way to participate in Matomo without tech-development knowledge! :) Contact us if interested.

How does it technically work?

Translations strings are located in files in the /lang/ directory and in every plugin.

  • Copy the english files, rename them using your country 2 letters locale code ; eg. “fr.php”
  • Translate the strings
  • Edit your configuration file config/ and change the “current” value in the [Language] section using your 2 letters language iso code.
  • Check all your translations, and make sure they make sense in context
  • Send us a patch containing the translation files (see How to create a patch?)

What features is coming in the future?

  • support for right to left languages
  • support for graph labels translations

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