Matomo On-Premise

Get maximum flexibility to do whatever you want and gain powerful insights to grow your business without data limitations or the need for multiple web analytics tools.

Self-host Matomo Analytics on your own servers to ensure data remains in your hands. It’s for this reason that Matomo On-Premise is, and forever will remain free to download.

Matomo - Google Analytics alternative

100% data ownership

With Matomo, the philosophy around data ownership is simple, you own your data, no one else.

The relationship remains between the website owner (you) and the visitor, with no external sources looking in.

This separates us from our competitors as you get a comprehensive tool that does the job and instills trust in the people who come to your site. When people see Matomo on websites, they can immediately know they’re being protected.

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Privacy, PII, and GDPR

Matomo Analytics is a platform that offers privacy by design, so you can take privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) very seriously – on our Cloud, On-Premise and Matomo for WordPress offerings.

You can easily configure Matomo to not process any PII. Become fully GDPR compliant and learn how you can better respect user privacy, while getting the insights you need for your business.

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MetaLocator recommends Matomo

"We absolutely love Matomo. Metalocator needed a platform that provided unparalleled extendibility for endless customisations. In addition it was important to find a tool that gave 100% data ownership, had no data limits and was respectful of privacy."

Matomo is the Google Analytics alternative

Google Analytics is a great free tool, but you may be disadvantaged due to privacy-sacrifices and the uncertainty around data ownership. Not only that, GA places many restrictions on their free users such as data sampling and data processing limits. If these are major concerns for you, Matomo On-Premise could be the alternative for you.

With Matomo On-Premise there’s:

  • No data sampling
  • No need for consent forms
  • No risk of data ending up in the wrong hands
  • No data limitations
Data Sampling Matomo vs Google Analytics. Matomo is 100% accurate.

Raw data access

Raw data access lets you connect your Matomo to any data warehouse you’re already using. Easily import all of your user and customer data from Matomo into your data warehouse. This is useful when you want to merge this new trove of user data with existing systems (e.g. CRMs, e-commerce, billing, ERP etc.). Or, if you’re using a BI tool you can connect it to Matomo and query your users data in SQL and create reports in the BI system.

And if you ever want to move on to another analytics solution, feel comfortable knowing you won’t lose your historical data and can extract any behavioural data.

Log Analytics

Choose where in the world your data is stored

Hosting On-Premise means you control your own data and this may be a more secure option for your business. This is hugely appealing to industries that have strict data privacy policies or requirements like banking, insurance, or the government sector.

It also means you can define which country your data is located in as each country has different laws around who can assess your data. 

Important update: On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that any cloud services hosted in the US, like Google Analytics, no longer comply with the GDPR and EU privacy laws. This means you’re at risk of getting fined for continuing to use GA. Which makes Matomo On-Premise a safer alternative to GA as you host it on your own servers, and have complete control over where you store your data. 

Maximum flexibility to have it entirely your way

Your business, your rules. Instead of having to work within the confines of the tool you’re using, Matomo’s flexibility allows you to choose one that can be tailored to meet any business needs you may have.

  • Cloud-host or self-host On-Premise – Migrate your data between hosting options at any time. Choose a hosting option that will suit you best. 
  • Customisable and extendable – create your own features and completely change the user-interface
  • Create your own web analytics platform to own and sell!
  • Mobile analytics to always have on the go
  • Endless possibilities through APIs
  • Free open-source analytics
  • If you need help installing Matomo On-Premise we’re also here to help

Matomo Analytics for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website?

Self-hosting just got easier for you! With a few clicks, you can now install Matomo directly in your WordPress. You get the benefits of On-Premise without needing the technical knowledge to install on your own servers.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a WordPress website, read on to see what hosting options will best suit you.

>> See if Matomo for WordPress is a good fit for your business!

Analytics for WordPress

Full peace of mind!


You are the owner of the data you collect and nobody else. 

Get full control over your data.

GDPR Manager

You can ensure your business and website stays GDPR compliant when using Matomo’s GDPR Manager.


Matomo is fully privacy compliant.

With Matomo you remain in control of your data, while still getting deep insights into your websites and apps.

"As one of the leading secure and private email solutions attaches the utmost importance to security and respect for privacy. We therefore selected Matomo as our open source digital analytics platform, in order to track traffic on our commercial site while preserving total control of the data and fully respect the privacy of our users."