You are viewing the Matomo for WordPress System Report and you are seeing a message that says something like “A proxy header is set which means you maybe need to configure a proxy header in the Advanced settings to make location reporting work.”

This likely happens because you are using a CDN like AWS CloudFront or a proxy like CloudFlare. What this warning indicates is that the geolocation detection in your Matomo might not work correctly. This means Matomo might detect the wrong region, country, or even continent when a visitor visits your website.

To fix this warning follow these steps:

  • In your WordPress Admin Dashboard click in the left menu on “Matomo Analytics -> Settings”
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab
  • Now you should see the setting for the proxy headers which looks like this

To know which of these values to choose first check what your actual IP address is.

Now compare the value of each option to find the entry that shows the same IP address. You can ignore any value that says “No value found”. An entry saying “” is likely also not correct unless you are a developer and are using WordPress only on your local computer. There should be one or multiple entries showing your actual IP address. Select one of these values and click “Save changes”. The warning should be gone afterwards.

If multiple options show your IP address, it’s likely to fine to choose any of them.

Learn more about how to make Matomo for WordPress work with a CDN or Proxy if you run into other issues.

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