Welcome to the online demonstration of Matomo!

You’ll find a demonstration of all the features of Matomo in the videos below.

You can also investigate the UI and real data with our online demo at https://demo.matomo.cloud.

Once you have viewed our demo, further training is available at the bottom of this page. If there are any further questions please get in touch with our support team.

Matomo overview short videos

There are also short videos available to learn more about the various features and benefits of Matomo:

  1. [Video] Welcome to Matomo
  2. [Video] Matomo’s Visitors Feature
  3. [Video] Matomo’s Behaviour Feature
  4. [Video] Matomo’s Acquisitions Feature
  5. [Video] Matomo’s Ecommerce Feature
  6. [Video] Matomo’s Goals Feature
  7. [Video] Matomo’s Multi Attribution Feature
  8. [Video] Matomo’s Funnels Feature
  9. [Video] Matomo’s Media Analytics Feature
  10. [Video] Matomo’s A/B Testing Feature
  11. [Video] Matomo’s Form Analytics Feature
  12. [Video] Matomo’s Heatmaps Feature
  13. [Video] Matomo’s Session Recordings Feature
  14. [Video] Matomo’s Custom Reports Feature
  15. [Video] Matomo’s Tag Manager
  16. [Video] Matomo and the GDPR
  17. [Video] Matomo Analytics for WordPress

Try the full Matomo experience

Please note that while the online demo and videos are useful to see what Matomo (Piwik) has to offer, it does not show all features. Indeed, the administration area is password protected. If you download, install Matomo yourself – or use a 21 day free trial of Matomo here – you will get access to many more interesting features and reports.

If you have a WordPress website

If you have a WordPress website there’s an even better option: install Matomo for free on WordPress, in a few clicks!

Want to learn more?

Take a deep dive into Matomo Analytics and Matomo Tag Manager with the training videos program:

List of all features

If you prefer seeing the list of features all in one page, check out the list of features.