With user consent mode enabled, Matomo will only start tracking once the user has given their consent. This can be used to ask for consent before enabling tracking cookies or before tracking any personal data, or tracking session recordings or heatmaps, for example.

If you need to obtain user consent before tracking their data, you can integrate Matomo with your consent manager using one of these guides:
Osano Consent Manager
Cookiebot Consent Manager
CookieYes Consent Manager
Tarte au Citron Consent Manager
Klaro Consent Manager
Complianz for WordPress Consent Manager

If you do not use one of the above consent managers, you can implement tracking with consent using the Matomo JavaScript API

Alternatively, you can configure Matomo to track without consent by following the steps in How to use Matomo analytics without consent or cookie banner.

Keep in mind that you should always comply with applicable privacy regulations and obtain user consent if necessary.

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