Community survey revealed – Discover the profile of a Matomo user


In January 2017 we launched a Matomo community survey which gathered more than a thousand responses. It is now time for us to release the results of this study. We release today the results of this survey painting a picture of the growing Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) community!

What types of businesses are using Matomo?

Just a reminder: Matomo is currently used on over 1 million websites and mobile apps.

According to the community survey, 75% of businesses using Matomo are small companies and 25% are medium to large enterprises. Out of those 25%, more than 7% are large enterprises with more than a 1,000 of employees.

Why choosing Matomo?

With a large majority, Open Source came first with almost 50% of the answers, then come the data security aspect (27%) in third comes the raw data access (10,5%) and for a minor part customizability with 1,9%.

How often is Matomo used?

92% of respondents said that they are using Matomo regularly (at least once per month):

  • on a daily basis 28%
  • on a weekly basis 41%
  • on a monthly basis 23%

Is Matomo mostly installed on Intranet or External websites?

Matomo is mainly installed on external websites, 80% of the cases. However, 12% of respondents answer that they are using it on intranet too. The remaining 8% have chosen not to answer.

Which CRM for Matomo users?

As CRM is a high valuable asset within the company, we wanted to check if there were any needs for Matomo to develop something specifically for CRM.
The answers showed us that in almost 60% of the cases no CRM was used at all, for the rest there is no clear leading CRM which is used more than others.

Do Matomo users wish more integrations to third party applications such as CRM, support systems?

60% of responders said no, which can clearly be understood from previous question. But the 40% remaining are clearly showing that they wish more integrations. We heard you, we are constantly updating our integration page. If there are any integrations you wish to have, do not hesitate to contact the solution provider and suggest them to integrate their product with Matomo.

How do Matomo users get notified when a KPI reach a specific value?

Great question, great answers. Almost 50% of responders are not notified when something happens in Matomo and prefer to have a look at the UI instead. 15% did not know that it was possible using Custom Alerts but may have a look it. Some of you are also designing their own system. It made us realize here that we need to change our UI and integrate custom alerts to the main UI directly. Custom alerts is a great feature that you can access within the administration panel to get notified when something happened in your Matomo data.

Which improvements could be made to Matomo?

Only 20% of you answered to this question, which is a good thing for us :)
Some of your most wished for improvements are:

  1. Speed (learn more how to improve performance)
  2. UI (such as more charts, more options to customize reports)
  3. Other database support such as PostgreSQL
  4. Better update system

Which features are Matomo users actively looking for?

We have been surprised to discover that two thirds of Matomo users were asking for features which have been already developed and available for Matomo. Out of the one third remaining responses, here are below the main features Matomo users are actively looking for:

  • Possibility for Matomo to not be blocked by ad blockers
  • Real time notifications
  • Graphs comparing a period to a previous one
  • PostgreSQL support
  • Importing Google Analytics data into Matomo
  • Google AdSense integration
  • QR Codes generator/URL shortener for Matomo
  • Tag Management System
  • RSS Feed tracking
  • Attribution modeling
  • Styling opt-out

Let’s sum it up and define the portrait of a Matomo user

If you are a Matomo user high chances that:

  • you are working for a small business
  • you love Open Source and keeping your data secure
  • you are using Matomo regularly
  • you are using Matomo on an external website
  • you wish Matomo to be faster and to have an even better UI

We heard you.

Thank you

Once more we would like to thank every Matomo user who took the time to answer our January 2017 Matomo Community Survey.

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A powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

No credit card required.

Free forever.