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We are very excited to launch A/B Testing – a powerful new product designed to help you maximise your success and increase your conversions.

What is A/B Testing and why is it so important?

Experimenting with A/B Testing is an important marketing strategy that goes a long way in maximising your conversions.

With A/B Testing you can start improving your conversions and sales in your existing website or app by creating different versions of a web page or mobile app screen to find out how to modify your website to optimize business success.

How does A/B Testing work?

To explain how A/B Testing works, let’s take an example. Imagine one of your most important landing pages has been redesigned to hopefully get more email signups. Now you need to make sure the new version is “better” than the current version, or at least does result in less conversions. To compare the performance of these two versions, you can then run an A/B test whereby the A/B testing product tells you whether the redesigned version is producing more email signups compared to the original version.

How it works is that visitors on your website during the experiment will see a randomly chosen version (variation) and A/B Testing makes sure that your users will always see the same variation for all subsequent visits. The behaviour and goals converted by each user is measured continuously by Matomo (Piwik) A/B Testing. The beautifully designed and easy to use dashboard shows how each variation impacts your success metrics such as conversions, sales or page views.

When the A/B test is complete, you will then know which is the winning version getting you closer to reaching your goals! A/B Testing includes an advanced statistical analysis engine to provide a reliable indicator of which of your versions is actually improving your bottom line.

Examples of successful A/B tests

Below are a just a few interesting A/B tests results from the article 7 Dead-Simple A/B Tests You Should Run on Your Homepage (HubSpot).

Increase click on CTA button by 21%

We actually conducted an A/B test on button color and found that changing the CTA button from green to red increased clicks by 21%. In the world of website optimization, that’s huge!

47.7% more clicks on the navigation bar

An A/B test comparing the phrases used on the navigation bar discovered that the menu link “How It Works” earned 47.7% more clicks than “Why Use Us.”

5% more conversions using a different image

Highrise, a small business CRM, A/B tested their website’s imagery by featuring two different people – Jocelyn on the left, and Michael on the right. They found Michael helped improve conversions by almost 5%.

Changing the headline to increase conversions by 38%

WhichTestWon ran an A/B test on AwayFind’s homepage and found that Version B increased signups by 38%. This could be because the headline is more concise and the subheader includes bolded words to clearly communicate the product’s value

Where do I start testing?

Your testing strategy is tied to your overall business strategy. What do you want people to achieve on your website? What are the goals that you want your users to convert? What are your one or two Key Performance Indicators, and what are your targets for these KPIs?

When you start thinking of improving your targets you can begin by looking at the most important parts that can be improved:

  • What are your call to actions?
  • Which are your most popular pages, and landing pages?
  • What elements of my website is above the fold and can be seen by all visitors within a few seconds?

How do I get A/B Testing?

All premium plugins come with our 14 day money back guarantee and 1-click installation & updates. Customers get all product updates for free.

A/B Testing is available for purchase and download on the Marketplace.

If you are not using Matomo yet, you can also signup for a free trial of Matomo Cloud (formerly Piwik Cloud) (including A/B Testing!).

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