MetaLocator customer story

MetaLocator customer story

The nature of industry leading technology requires companies to evolve when necessary. That was the case for Fatica Consulting, the company behind the innovative marketing platform, MetaLocator.

Running the team with the principle: “never stop innovating,” they initially created an in-house analytics platform to access insights that helped their customers measure success. However, they soon found themselves outgrowing the tool and required a platform that could cater to their ever-changing business needs and demanding data requirements.

We exceeded the capability of our internally developed analytics solution. The data storage requirements were too great and the privacy controls were simply insufficient for our tracking needs,” said Michael Fatica, CEO of MetaLocator.

The company went searching for a platform that could keep up. They needed the platform to:
– Provide unparalleled extendibility allowing for endless customisations
– Be respectful of privacy with 100% data ownership
– Have no data limits

“MetaLocator required an analytics platform that respected user privacy and also allowed our customers to maintain complete ownership of their data. We also required tight integration and customisation capabilities including APIs and access to the system source code for our custom plugins. We needed API integration as a way to extend and customise the platform to our unique needs,” said Michael Fatica.

Their research took them through several different options including Google Analytics, Amplitude and Heap, but found the complete package in Matomo – a tool that offered everything the competition did, and more.

“Cost to feature ratio was a driving factor. Matomo met the same feature benchmarks from a tracking standpoint of the other competitors. We save about 150K per year using Matomo. The per-user and per-data pricing model of Matomo competitors makes their solutions quickly in the $1M/yr range for the scale of our applications.”

Another impressive aspect about Matomo was “the long standing commitment to open-source and the community surrounding the solution,” said Michael.

Getting a solution that gave them access to maximum flexibility and customisation meant they were able to transcend the default settings provided by the Matomo team. Having access to the API opened up a world of options to transform the tool into one carefully enhanced to fulfil their every demand.

“Our primary challenge was working within the reporting capability of Matomo, including the Custom Reports plugin. The options were too limited for our analysis purposes. We developed a custom data layer which exports a normalised data set to a data warehouse, and we use MetaBase for BI, analysis and reporting.’

In using the powerful platform and making it their own, they were able to exceed expectations in the team and for their clients.

“Matomo has enabled us to service our clients and make them happy. Without Matomo, we would be tracking data on our own and forced to accept a lot of less-than-ideal features and inconveniences we’d need to pass down to our clients.”

By turning to insights from Matomo to guide their strategies, MetaLocator were able to live by their principles to never stop innovating and allowed them to stand out in the competitive industry.

“Matomo facilitates success measurement for our clients. It’s saved us a tremendous amount of time and enables our solution to stand out from our competitors.”

"We absolutely love Matomo. The more we learn about this platform, the more we understand what an incredible value is being provided. We evaluated a handful of paid analytics platforms this year and found no compelling reason to switch."