Broken carts, glitchy checkouts, unresponsive contact forms – they're not just annoyances; they're revenue pitfalls waiting to happen.

13% of all pageviews come with lurking JavaScript errors that can cripple your visitors' experiences and jeopardise your revenue potential. Recent statistics reveal that 58% of visitors are inclined to abandon purchases as a result of bugs, while an astonishing 75% are driven to completely abandon websites due to these frustrating experiences.

To provide some context, consider a website that usually earns 25,000 EUR per month. If this site is encountering errors in 13% of all pageviews, it could potentially result in a monthly loss of 1,855 EUR.

With Crash Analytics, you can improve the user experience, boost conversion rates and grow revenue with 100% website reliability.

Even with the most rigorous tests, you can't foresee every glitch across diverse browsers, setups and scenarios. Factors like ad blockers, fluctuating internet speeds and evolving browser versions compound the complexity. This is where Crash Analytics excels.