In some cases, especially on a high traffic website, Matomo may show visits that have no pageviews or other actions listed, and the Visits log entry says “0 action”, and the Real-time report shows no actions for this visit.

If you’re seeing a lot of “0 Action” visits in your Visits Log, this indicates that the Matomo tracking code on your website or app is not tracking any “Pageviews” for these visits (But is tracking other actions such as impressions).

Another reason for the “0 Actions” visits may be for example media impressions (Such as images or videos) or form impressions when visitors visit a specific page on your website where you don’t have “Pageview” tracking setup.

Steps to fix the “0 action” visits issue

  • This can be fixed by either adding the Pageview tracking code (_paq.push(['trackPageView']);) in the standard Matomo JavaScript tracker. If you’re using Matomo Tag Manager you can instead set up Pageview tracking.

  • If you’re using Heatmaps & Session recording, check that you are tracking a pageview on pages where you also track a Heatmap.

  • If you’re using Form Analytics, you can disable Form Analytics on specific forms (For example Login pages) by adding the data-matomo-ignore tag to your form, which may help.

if you use Matomo On-Premise and Content Tracking feature

If you use Content Tracking, and also Matomo On-Premise, and you have a high traffic website and you experience this issue regularly, then you can reduce drastically how often these empty visit are generated by installing a new plugin: QueuedTracking. If you’re able to install and setup QueuedTracking then all requests for a given visitors will be queued and executed in a batch, likely resolving the issue.

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