Matomo Top Menu

At the very top of the Matomo interface, you’ll see the top menu within the blue bar. This menu allows you to navigate between the different features and settings of Matomo itself. It is also the only menu which is always showing so you can access the main sections of Matomo, described in more detail below.


The Dashboard link in the top menu takes you to your default Analytics dashboard view. This Dashboard is the gateway page to all of your analytics data.

All Websites

Clicking the All Websites link takes you to your All Websites dashboard. In this section, you can review all the websites linked to your account as well as add new ones (if you have at least “Write” permission). You will also see some high-level visit statistics, which can be useful if you want a quick snapshot of all your websites within a specific period.

Matomo Websites Dashboard

Tag Manager

Clicking the Tag Manager link takes you to the tag management feature within Matomo. This is a useful tool for marketers. It allows you to easily add, manage, and unify all your marketing tags. For example, you can add the Matomo tracking code and advertising network pixels as tags here. The first time you visit this section, you’ll see a guide to help you fully understand this feature.


Clicking the cog icon within the top menu will take you to your Settings. This section holds information and settings for your Matomo account itself. The specific settings shown here will vary depending on your type of account. A few examples of things you might see are: account settings, security, billing, privacy configurations, and extensions.

Cog Icon


Clicking the i icon will take you to the Help page. Here you will find helpful links and a search feature to help you discover popular user guides and frequently asked questions.

Help Icon

Notifications (Cloud Feature)

If you use Matomo Cloud you will see a bell icon in this section. When you click on this a pop-up will load containing details on any new features included within your cloud plan. This menu item will not be shown if you are using Matomo On-Premise or Matomo for WordPress as new features will be detailed in update and plugin notes instead.

Matomo Notifications Icon

Sign out

The last icon in the top menu (half a square with an arrow coming from it) allows you to Sign out. If you are using a shared device, it is especially important to sign out from Matomo whenever you finish your session. Not doing so could reveal your private analytics data to others.

Sign Out Icon

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